Honor and certification

1、In 2008, the first batch of national high-tech enterprises was identified (reapplied in 2014, and continued to be identified)

2、In 2011, the famous trademark was recognized in Guangdong province. In 2014, the famous trademark of Guangdong province was maintained.

3、In 2012, it was named the top 30 private enterprises in Zhuhai, the 30 strong private enterprises and the private scientific and technological enterprises in Guangdong province.

4、Accepted by the Guangdong clean production association as a member unit in 2014

5、The Environmental Bureau of the Hongkong Special Administrative Region in 2014 was named as a superior partner for the clean production of Guangdong and Hong Kong

6、In 2015, Guangdong provincial environmental protection propaganda and Education Center issued the green Guangdong publicity civilization Award

7、In 2015, the company's products were identified by Guangdong high and new technology enterprise association as high and new technology products in Guangdong Province

8、In 2017, it was appraised as a clean production enterprise in Guangdong Province