Ensure reliability
Reliability capacity building
Netron now has a complete FPC testing laboratory, including four major laboratories (1) chemical laboratory, (2) physical performance testing laboratory, (3) mechanical performance testing laboratory, and (4) electrical performance testing laboratory. The site was more than 1000 square meters, 34 engineering technicians and 112 main instruments and equipment. Can provide accurate and reliable test reports to improve the quality of the company's products。

Reliability verification
Reliability verification for raw materials, processes, products, new development and mass production for testing and control, testing environmental life testing, material properties, chemical and electrical aspects.

Chemical and hazardous substance analysis

Qualitative and quantitative analysis is made to ensure the stability of the process and meet the standard of green products.

Failure analysis

The exception analysis is used in the manufacturing process or the client, and the abnormal cause is obtained through the high precision instrument, which helps to improve the process.